Our History

Image courtesy of “Old Homes of Page County, Virginia” -Jennie Ann Kerkhoff

Image courtesy of “Old Homes of Page County, Virginia” -Jennie Ann Kerkhoff

established circa1810

This historic property was named Shawnee Farms following the discovery of Native American artifacts on its fields. The Shawnee were the last known tribe in the area before the arrival of European settlers. The original brick house was built in the 1860s on a site where an earlier log home from ca. 1810 once stood. When the log house was demolished in the 1860s, the timbers were reused in the newly constructed house and barn. The house bricks were handmade and baked in a pit still existing today in a nearby hillside. Local history indicates the current house construction was finished by women in 1863, as all men were fighting for their cause in the Civil War. Nearby skirmishes resulted in an officer’s sword being found hidden in a wall during later renovations.

The house was renovated in 2018 in keeping with its historic character and Southern grace. It is furnished with a unique blend of antiques, art and modern comfort. The location is very private with the house accessed by a one-half mile gated, private paved road through the rolling fields of a working cattle farm. The farmhouse is surrounded by a formal garden displaying some of the largest boxwoods in Virginia.

Amenities include a gourmet kitchen with modern appliances, a large formal dining area, lounging room, parlor room, and seven bathrooms. Screened porches are located on two levels, including a large entertainment room, modern washer and dryer, and more. Free Wi-Fi is provided.